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KFL Prayer Breakfast 2017
KFL Prayer Breakfast 2017

KFL Prayer Breakfast 2017

Kansans for Life will be hosting its annual Prayer Breakfast at the GOP Convention on Saturday, February 11th in Manhattan, KS. The breakfast will be held from 7:00 am – 8:45 am in the Big Basin and Kaw Nation rooms of the Hilton Garden Inn. The address for the hotel is 410 S. 3rd St., […]

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want you to pay for abortions.

04 November 2016

Hillary Clinton has pledged to change the law so that your tax dollars will pay for abortion on demand. Compare the difference between the presidential candidates on Life…Print and share with friends and family.  


Trump vs. Hillary: Where do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?

02 November 2016

Where do the Presidential Candidates stand on abortion. Find out here with this simple one sheet comparison. Please copy and/or download and distribute freely-    


What does it mean to receive an endorsement from Planned Parenthood?

14 October 2016

It means you will do everything possible to keep Planned Parenthood in the business of abortion with no restrictions. It means you support abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. It means that you believe that the 330,000 plus abortions, performed by Planned Parenthood each year, are a good thing. It means you support Planned […]


Gary Johnson – Not a Pro-life Alternative

26 September 2016

The results of the 2016 primary elections have been unsatisfying for many voters who feel neither major party candidate represents their values. Because of this, many are weighing their options. Some have even been misled to believe that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is pro-life. This is simply not true. Gary Johnson is strongly in favor […]


U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder, has a 100% pro-life rating!

01 August 2016

Message to the 3RD Congressional District in Kansas:   Committed pro-life U.S. House member Kevin Yoder of Kansas is being incorrectly described by an opponent as not being pro-life. This is an inaccurate and unfair attack by political newcomer Greg Goode, who wants Yoder’s seat. Both Kansans for Life and the National Right to Life […]


“Being Catholic” is no guarantee politicians vote pro-life

28 July 2016

There’s been a long line of abortion-supporting politicians who try to fool pro-lifers into believing that they were “catholic” and “personally pro-life” during campaign seasons. Democrat Vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who hails from Kansas, described himself in his 2005 gubernatorial campaign as,“I’m Catholic; I’m against abortion.” However, as governor of Virginia and as a Virginia […]


KFL warns: Kansas “shadow” groups mislead on pro-life

27 July 2016

Advance voting for the Kansas primary elections began last week and the political advertising battles are in full swing in mailboxes, on TV and in deceitful, newly-created websites of advocacy groups the public has never heard of. The authentic pro-life candidates have the endorsement of Kansans for Life. Period. Those who do not, will try […]


KFL PAC Pro-Life Voter Guides

02 November 2016

Live outside of Kansas, Click Here 2016 General Election Resources    


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Kansas: Send These Appeals Judges Packing

Added on 20 October 2016

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This is a very important election year! Please donate today to help insure funds are available to inform as many Kansas pro-life voters as possible which candidates are endorsed by the KFL PAC!

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Contact your county election officer to request an application for an advance voting ballot. Complete the application and return it to your county election officer. You can have your ballot mailed to you starting 20 days before the election. You may vote in person in the county election office starting the Tuesday before election day, or up to 20 days before the election, depending on the county. All ballots must be received in the county election office by the close of polls on election day.
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