2017 KFL Prayer Breakfast

Kansans for Life PAC hosted its annual Prayer Breakfast at the GOP Convention on February 11th in Manhattan, KS. The event featured Father James Weldon as the Key Note Speaker. Father Weldon is the pastor of the Church of the Resurrection in Wichita. His message emphasized the need for people to recognize Jesus’s love for them and to make decisions with God’s love for them foremost in their minds. He stressed the need for legislators to prioritize God’s love when considering their legislative priorities. Attendees also received a report on the State of the State from KFL President Joe Patton and heard from Congressman Roger Marshall, Congressman Kevin Yoder, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, Senator Jerry Moran, Senator Pat Roberts, and Governor Sam Brownback.

The breakfast’s speakers highlighted the importance of pro-lifer’s steadfast resolve to protect the unborn in the face of opposition from pro-abortion protesters and those unhappy with the new Presidential administration. Congressional speakers were hopeful about the potential for substantial pro-life change with the election of pro-life majorities in the U.S. Senate, House, and a pro-life President, but stressed that the pro-life work has just begun. Kansas’s federal delegation faces harassment from protesters daily, along with an obstructionist Democrat minority in Congress. Despite these challenges, our elected members of Congress will continue to work towards passing legislation that upholds the value of life and protects vulnerable people.

With the 4th District Congressional special election quickly approaching, it is as important as ever that pro-life Kansans get involved. We urge you to continue praying for our state’s elected officials and supporting the efforts of pro-life candidates.


We will be posting articles on all of the pro-life work being done nationally. Keep checking back at voteprolife.net for updates on what Congress and the President are doing to protect vulnerable people.


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