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Judge Found “Right” to Abortion in Kansas Constitution

I am amazed almost every day by what Judges across the country are finding in the Constitution. When the founders of this country were deciding our form of government, they did not worry about the judiciary.  They thought the judiciary would be deciding who owned a mule or other similar disputes. The other two branches […]

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Dismemberment Abortion and the Kansas Constitution

For 84 days the great state of Kansas led the nation by banning live dismemberment abortion. In dismemberment abortion the unborn child, “dies just as a human adult or child would…” writes Justice Anthony Kennedy in a U.S. Supreme Court opinion, “It bleeds to death as it is torn limb from limb.” By the time […]

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Judicial Reform – Even Dead People can be Elected!

Even Dead People can be Elected! Believe it or not, some judges (think they) rule the world.  And in Kansas, the attorneys and judges have a perfect system for them, but not for you and me, the citizens. Attorneys appoint the majority of a nominating committee.  The nominating committee selects three names for appointment to […]

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Rep. Steve Brunk — Principled Pro-Lifer

The Kansas Legislature is losing an outstanding member in Representative Steve Brunk, District 85 in Wichita.  Rep. Brunk served 13 years in the House.  Most of those years he served in leadership roles as Majority Whip, Chairman of Commerce and Labor, Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee for State and Building Construction, and […]

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Help Elect Pro-life Candidates

This is a very important election year! Please donate today to help insure funds are available to inform as many Kansas pro-life voters as possible which candidates are endorsed by the KFL PAC!

4th Congressional District Special Election

Kansans for Life PAC Endorses Ron Estes for 4th Congressional District US Congress.
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ID required for all voters

Alert! New Kansas Voting Laws as of January 1, 2012
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Voter Registration Information

To register to vote in KS for the first time, or to update your registration because of a marriage and/or move.
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Advance Voting

Contact your county election officer to request an application for an advance voting ballot. Complete the application and return it to your county election officer. You can have your ballot mailed to you starting 20 days before the election. You may vote in person in the county election office starting the Tuesday before election day, or up to 20 days before the election, depending on the county. All ballots must be received in the county election office by the close of polls on election day.
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