Importantance of 2016’s Elections by Alan Weldon

As I start to research the upcoming elections, I thought I’d start with this general article:
“During each election cycle, we often hear that each election is the most critical one in our lifetime.  This may be true for the 2016 general election.  After all, the national debt is approaching $20 trillion.  If this rate of governmental spending continues, the next administration may run the national debt up to $30 trillion at which point there will be those who question our ability to repay this debt.  A lack of international confidence in the U.S. dollar could trigger a financial crisis on a scale never before experienced in this country.
We also have an administration unwilling to confront the enemy intent on destroying us.  For example, after the recent mass shooting in Orlando, the administration’s initial press release redacted the shooter’s reference to ISIS, and at the same time told the State of Texas it could not refuse to accept Muslim refugees when it knows it is not possible to safely vet refugees coming in from civil war torn countries in the Middle East.  And ISIS has publicly mentioned it will infiltrate these refugee immigrants just as it has done in Europe.
We have been warned there is a lot riding on today’s political climate.  Just a few years ago, both sides of the political aisle would have laughed at the attention our courts are paying to transgender rest rooms.  The average age for a Supreme Court justice to retire is 67 years old.  So we may be looking at five potential court vacancies over the next four to eight years.  This means the next president could have the power to create a 7 to 2 court that caters to his or her personal ideology for an entire generation.
Therefore, during this election time we need to carefully consider the financial, security, and moral issues that will affect the direction our county takes into the foreseeable future.”

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