Vote for Ron Estes on April 11th!

The special election to fill Kansas’s 4th Congressional District seat is quickly approaching and early voting is already underway!

Kansans for Life PAC has endorsed the Republican candidate, Ron Estes. Estes is currently the State Treasurer of Kansas and has been involved with Kansans for Life for a number of years. He is pro-life and will make an excellent representative of Kansas’s pro-life values.

His Democrat opponent is James Thompson. Thompson is a civil rights attorney in Wichita with views similar to Bernie Sanders. Among many shared views, Thompson agrees with Bernie Sanders’s radical pro-abortion position. Thompson is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and has said that he will work to remove all restrictions on abortion, including the Hyde Amendment which protects tax-payer money from funding abortions.

The two candidates’ positions on life could not be more different. Ron Estes is strongly pro-life and has been actively involved in the pro-life community in Kansas. James Thompson supports abortion without restriction and wants your tax dollars to fund his radical pro-abortion agenda.

It is imperative that pro-lifers get out to vote for Ron Estes in this election. Early voting is now open across the 4th district. You can find your early voting location HERE.

You can  also check your voter registration information and find your polling place by clicking HERE. If you have any questions, you can call the Kansans for Life PAC at 1-800-928-5433 or email us at [email protected]




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